To help you unwind and reconnect, Club Med invented all-inclusive, a package that includes all the necessary ingredients for a dream holiday. Transportation, transfers, accommodations and delicious meals but also a complete range of personalized services for you and the children. No stress. No constraints. Just the happiness of renewed spontaneity.

Featured Destination: Tomamu Hokkaido, Japan

Hit the slopes at Hokkaido’s trendiest new ski resort, and get ready to ride a different wave.

Strap into your skis or hop onto a sled and hit the slopes at the hottest Hokkaido winter wonderland. Whether it’s your first time trying out a new winter sport or you have some experience, all of our activities were created with your safety and comfort in mind. Gear up with our rental equipment and take to the slopes for endless half pipes, table tops, kickers, rails, and boxes to catch some big air. Try snow sledging and our ice slide, or take a quiet stroll out over the deep powdery mountain scape with a snow trekking adventure. With over 145 hectares of powder to play in, state-of-the-art equipment, and expert G.Os to guide you with group lessons, discover an extreme snow escape you won’t soon forget.