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Stay Connected with Wireless Traveler 

Wireless Traveler keeps you safely connected at low cost when traveling abroad.

Wireless Traveler is the leading provider of calling, data and texting services for travelers.

Select what you need from their range of cellular, Wi-Fi, Satellite and mobile accessories all of which keep you connected for your business and pleasure trips. Ask about their special rates available for large group travel.

Pocket Wi-Fi for data: Buy or rent prepaid high-speed personal hotspot for safe Wi-Fi when you need it. Protect your personal data and avoiding unsafe public Wi-Fi with a device the size of your credit card. Use with all your smart devices which you can share with family & friends at no extra cost.

Wi-Fi Calling Apps: Call back to the USA from anywhere in the world for just 2 cents per minute when in Wi-Fi. $10 gives up to 8 hours of calling. Avoid charges from your carrier by combining the pocket Wi-Fi  and Wi-Fi calling app .

International Cell Phones & SIMs: Ideal for travel to China, where your personal information can be scanned on your regular Smart devices. The Wireless Traveler rental and burner phones are affordable, reliable and secure.

Mobile Accessories & Trackers: The very latest accessories that will enhance your travel. From durable world chargers to the Bluetooth trackers for bags, Keys,even your eye glasses, Wireless Traveler has the perfect item for your trip….they also make great gifts! 

Satellite Phones & BGAN: If you can see the sky you can make a call. Perfect for remote safaris, mountain trekking and cruises. Military grade Iridium device which is lightweight and reliable and conveniently easy to use.

Contact your LUXE Travel advisor for details.