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LUXE Travel Management offers access to our reporting system with a customized dashboard and the capability of generating specific reports. Our internal operations team works closely with our clients to create customized reports that are specific to our client’s needs. We have found great success in assisting our clients with customized reports that are tailored to their specific internal requirements. Depending on the client’s request, we will send specific reports on a weekly, monthly and or quarterly delivery.

Our operations team fulfills requests for ad-hoc reporting and requests a 48 hr. response time. However, we understand that often times a specific report may be urgent and we will do our best to work within your specific time requested.

We have over 350 standard reports available.

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Tools to enrich your experience and your bottom line.

LUXE Travel Management operates a sophisticated online booking system, and utilizes automated quality control software to check each trip against an 80-point inspection criterion to assure that each trip is configured to capture your best rate. All client rates and corporate policies are pre-loaded into our backend software systems to reflect in both online and agent bookings. Automated Pre-Trip Approval is offered in a web-based application for managing travel approval, and allows for pending trip approval, multiple levels of approvers, notifications, tiered approval levels, price approval levels, and air/car/hotel only approval, among other specifications. Our technology enables us to provide you with up-to-date travel security, assure policy fulfillment and compliance, perform ticket auditing, consolidate reports and analysis, and offer 24/7 global support.